big ideas on small business

Tide, a fintech start-up, has designed a business current account packed with powerful tools that save time and money. Q+H were approached to develop an impactful Facebook and Instagram campaign. Our solution was to create a hand crafted visual that reflected the detail and care of Tide.

Facebook Campaign

We created 5 'worlds' for the campaign to answer the brief. In the concept each scene builds with the various papercraft objects, culminating with the Tide card. The 5 final creatives we designed can be seen above.

By taking the hassle out of the finances, Tide hopes to enable its customers to save time and get back to doing what they do best, running their business. This is why we wanted to create a campaign that focused on the details and hands-on nature of building a business from the ground up.

Every object was designed and handcrafted in the studio, with each scene being built and photographed by our in-house photographer. Following retouching and refinement, we animated each scene, ready for launch.

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