help at hand

The team from efindr had a great idea for a new app that recommends trusted experts for the jobs or services you need doing via your contacts. Initially we discussed strategy and direction for both the app and brand. We needed to create standout branding that communicated the simple USP that makes their idea unique.

Branding + UI
Mobile Technology

With hundreds of apps launching every week we had to build a strong ‘standout’ brand look. We therefore wanted to create assets that can grow with the brand but be recognisable. 
To achieve this we developed ‘quirky’ characters, each with an element that dramatises the service they offer. 

The idea is that they could be fun and intriguing. In moving media, the characters morph from one service to another so users understand the variety of services easily. We also worked on the user interface and created a short animated film to explain the benefits of the app to consumers.

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