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A bold approach to design

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With over 40 years of knowledge and experience, Bradwell Media currently produce a goliath amount of world-class digital content – 45,000 shots and 3,000 videos each year for companies like Argos, Homebase and Habitat. At the beginning of 2015 Bradwell Media took a decision to broaden their client base and offer their full services to the UK market – a big step into building their own B2B brand. They approached us to redesign their current brand and position them as one of the leading studios for content creation.

Bradwell Media Logo Design | Q+H London Blog

“We wanted to create a fresh identity that would allow Bradwell Media to reposition themselves and become a brand in their own right. The bold approach to design and communications for us welcomes a clear signal of change that evokes confidence and passion for the company” – David Quirk, Creative Director

We developed a strategy for the business that involved a new name, strap line, brand language and vision for the future.

Bradwell Media, “Making Brands Shine” was the perfect positioning for them and describes their creative offering – goes beyond the physical product, it’s the idea that you bringing brands to life. Making them shine.

The brand logo is based on a unique bold condensed font and an icon which heroes the Bradwell “B”. The capture icon is a visual cue to photography and digital imagery that frames Bradwell’s world. Bradwell is all about content and everything they do can live within the focal point of the icon.

Bradwell Media Magazine Layout | Q+H London Blog
Bradwell Media Photography Treatment | Q+H London Blog

A simple monochromatic colour palette was adopted, allowing the emphasis to be placed on photography and visuals to shine in their world of colour.

The icon and brand can sit comfortably alongside and within photography as a complimentary accent. The logo and strapline quickly became the driving force behind the look and feel for the entire brand.

A new responsive website had been designed to showcase the brand to potential new clients, heroeing the imagery and core Bradwell offering.

The best thing about the redesign? We feel it has given the brand a renewed sense of energy and confidence. This is a ‘joined up’ brand that they can be proud of, that can sit alongside their world-class digital content and complement the work that they do.

Bradwell Media Animated Logo | Q+H London Blog