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Tikit is a leading provider of innovative and specialist technology to the Legal and Professional Services sectors. We refreshed their brand to create a coherent and more professional look across all their communications, and have continued to work alongside the team to produce advertising, brochures, office graphics and exhibition stands.

Brand Refresh
Legal / Technology
Tikit Brochure Design | Q+H London
Tikit Brochure Spread | Q+H London
Tikit Roller Banner | Q+H London

We worked with Tikit to identify the different areas of expertise that they provide, and then distilled these into a set of ‘ecosystems’ by first clarifying the naming and then producing strong iconography and lock-ups that make it simpler to visually communicate to potential customers which particular solution they are selling.

Tikit Email Design | Q+H London

We also looked at the use of imagery as part of the brand. We had to create a look that felt right for the sector, but which was also unique to Tikit. We knew that a lot of the imagery used in their communications would be from stock libraries, so we needed a solution that could both standardise and stylise the imagery to create a brand ‘feel’. Our solution was to create a grey cutout/overlay effect which both lifts the main character from the image, and also allows us to use typography over the top of an image.

Tikit Advertising | Q+H London
Tikit Photography | Q+H London
Tikit Photography | Q+H London
Tikit Photography | Q+H London

As part of the hand-over process with the client we created a brand book that compiled all of the work we had created. This document provides a detailed set of guidelines on how to implement all aspects of the brand going forward, this ensures brand consistency and also acts as a quick reference for anyone working on the branding.

Tikit Brand Guidelines | Q+H London
Tikit Brand Guidelines | Q+H London
Tikit Brand Guidelines | Q+H London
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