Gathered is your brand guidelines online, easily accessible and always up to date. No more sending pdf's v1.1, v3.5 etc or searching for logos, images and layouts - not to mention all of the unplanned costs for supplying those logos. Everything from your brand is all in one place. All you do is send one link to your suppliers and they have it all.

Digital Brand

As an agency we are very used to having to ask for brand guidelines - they are always disappointing, vague, too restrictive or not informative enough. It's usually a large PDF document, without all the latest content, which forces the client to contact whoever created the original and face paying again for the assets to be supplied. Plus very few actually spend any time introducing you to the brand, it's purpose, positioning and story.

This is why we created Gathered - One link to send out, access online and can be as detailed or as simple as needed. You can include your brand story, perhaps a video, guides, templates, colour guides, type styling and you can download logos, images and assets immediately and educate on all things brand. The link is always up to date with the latest version - we think it's a no brainer, our clients do too.

Your Gathered guidelines looks like your brand. We can build your guide using any styling, assets or conventional guidelines you may already have, but bring it up to date. We structure your new digital guidelines into 4 main sections: Introduction, Brand, Guidelines and Showcase - this can be adapted if required. Your guidelines is infinitely updatable, so the one link everyone uses is always the latest version, and also password protected. Check it out here!

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